Vol. 10: Capitol Wrestling Corporation

Classic Wrestling Memories Vol. 10
Capitol Wrestling Corporation logo

January, 1953. Before any Monday Night War, Pay Per View, or weekly live TV, Jess McMahon, and Toots Mondt helped change the face of professional wrestling forever. Join Seth and Crazy Train as they tell the story of the formation of Capitol Wrestling Corporation. As you may have surmised by the name “McMahon”, the company was co-founded by Jess McMahon, the grandfather of Vincent K. McMahon. Hear the stories behind the days with the National Wrestling Alliance, and the subsequent breakaway, which lead to the formation of the World Wide Wrestling Federation. In short, Capitol Wrestling was the promotion that would eventually morph into World Wrestling Entertainment.

Vol. 3: The Gold Dust Trio

Classic Wrestling Memories Vol. 3

This episode looks at The Gold Dust Trio, Billy Sandow, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, and Joseph “Toots” Mondt. These men are widely credited with beginning what would become the modern style of professional wrestling. Hear how the trio came to be, and how their innovative approach to treating wrestling as a business helped change the face of wrestling forever. Seth and Crazy Train talk about the careers of all three men, and the roles they played during this time. This is must-hear material for fans of early 20th Century wrestling.